Our trips

Team Overland guides outdoor adventures and hosts campouts for Veterans, Veteran Families, and Kick-Ass Civilian Supporters. Team Overland is unique in that it is not exclusive to just those that served in the military. We want to have an impact on veteran reintegration and we believe that it is only possible by having an organization with Veterans and Civilians working together. At Team Overland, we value and lean on our non-military members and we noticed early on that Civilians were passionate about sharing the burden of service. We have found that our approach builds bonds between those that served and those that didn’t through the shared interest of outdoor adventure and teamwork on the trail. On the trail, we work as a team to overcome the obstacles encountered on the way to our destinations. Around camp, we have a saying, “The fire facilitates” meaning we don’t provide therapy or plan any set questions for guests. We light the fire and it facilitates conversation and forms connections. From the point, we meet-up until the time we return home guests have everything they need to be provided for them including all meals catered and any camping gear needed. On the trip, guests have the option to ride with a Team Overland Trail Guide or bring their own rig as long as it meets our minimum safety standards that we determine based on the trail difficulty. Below are some of the places we have been to.